9 Ways to Boost Your Business With a Photo Booth

9 Ways to Boost Your Business With a Photo Booth

Today’s event photography industry is insanely demanding and competitive and never before have there been so many skills and services a photographer must provide in order to run a successful business.

Photo booths are a great way to upgrade your event photography business, generate more profit, and become a source of entertainment for the guests.

They also have a very practical purpose, and if you’ve ever been the main photographer at a big wedding, you can understand the immense workload a photo booth can take off your shoulders. The funny group photos everyone wants you to take become a much more interactive experience, and it’s a lot easier for people to be more natural when they’re basically taking a selfie rather than posing for a photographer.

With that in mind, here are 9 great ways to use a photo booth for your event photography business.


Props are a huge attraction at most events, but if you really want people to talk about your photo booth, go the extra mile and get some original stuff.

By that, I mean don’t settle for prop kits that anybody can buy online. Put your DIY hat on and craft original speech bubbles, glasses or whatever else your imagination comes up with. The guests will appreciate it!

Get a Solid Photo Booth

There’s a growing market for photo booths, and there are also several approaches. Some of them are insanely expensive, but cost doesn’t always reflect quality, and that leaves many photographers having to work hard to cover the initial investment.

Other photographers prefer winging it and show up with improvised booths, often crafted in their homes, and thus fail to tool look professional, especially when things tend to break down.

Our current favorite is the ModiBooth. Affordable, solidly built from pure steel, easy to assemble, and professionally looking, the ModiBooth kiosk can easily fit inside of a Husky Case for ease of travel.

A Guestbook

This is a great addition to your photo booth because it will be a cherished memory many years after the event.

Friends and family can write their messages at weddings and add a few funny photos as well.

Get an Attendant

It’s great when you make the process interactive and give the guests control, but someone to get them started and be around in case something goes wrong is essential. It’s also the way a fully professional service should be!

Good Lighting

As with any professional-looking image, good lighting is essential even if the shots taken with the photo booth are more informal.

As mentioned above, one of the great features of the ModiBooth is that you can fit it with four different types of lighting. Just make sure you adapt your lighting setup to each particular location and backdrop.

Involve the Main Characters

If the event is a wedding, make sure you involve the bride and groom right from the beginning. That will attract a lot of attention from the guests.

If it’s something like a corporate event, a few lighthearted shots with the board of directors will definitely get the right kind of attention that gets everyone involved.