8 Things You Can Do Tonight to Make Your Home Look Bigger

8 Things You Can Do Tonight to Make Your Home Look Bigger

You know how your house has those dark corners, drab colors and same old window treatments? They’re all closing you in. So consider a new pair of lamps, some paint and naked windows (hi, neighbor!) as part of your get-more-room insta-redecoration. You’ll be surprised what a quick paint job and chair legs can do for your square footage.

Leggy Furniture

Spindle and peg legs, like the kind you find on midcentury pieces, makes furniture look like it’s floating, which is a way more spacious look than big fat skirted pieces. It’s easy and inexpensive to swap heavy dark legs for lighter-toned, thinner ones, and an upholsterer can remove a skirt.


You can use one room for multiple purposes as long as it’s not too crammed with furniture or cluttered decoration. Remember: An empty table top can go a long way in a small space.

Add A Mirror

You knew how mirrors double space and light, both of which your little slice of domesticity needs. What you didn’t know was how cool and arty antiqued or creatively shaped mirrors can look.

Cancel Your Curtains

Simplify your drapes or eliminate them altogether for a clean, open and spacious-looking room.

Hang Large Art

Love the whole gallery wall thing, but in a small space it can seem too busy. Install one big piece of artwork instead, and see if the whole room doesn’t breathe a big sigh of relief.

Dark Ceilings

It’s the basic black of decorating, making your room look taller and way more dramatic. Just make sure you’re getting a good amount of natural light, or it’ll seem like a haunted house.

Light It Up

Generally, with a smaller space, the more lighting the better. Make sure each of the four corners has a lighting source, and if you can throw a couple wall sconces in with a statement chandelier too, so much the better.

Colour-Coordinate Adjacent Rooms

Chances are, you can see the next room through a doorway or hall. Instead of having a jarring contrast color, paint the next space a complementary hue, so your eye sees it all as a flowing (read: larger) area.