6 New Workouts That Go Gentle on Your Tired Self

6 New Workouts That Go Gentle on Your Tired Self

Whether you’re more of a yogi, runner or Cross Fitter, there’s something we can all agree on: Fitness-related injuries are no bueno. So try these new workouts that take it easy on you, while sneakily giving you a great workout.

Have Whole Body Soreness?

When our quads and gluts are sore from an especially vertical hike, we hit a Platefit class. Just 30 minutes of instructor-led squats and steps on the high-speed vibrating Power-Plate machine, and it’s like we’ve gotten a massage while still toning. (It’s a secret weapon of Madonna’s, so there.)

Hurt Your Lower Back?

So often, weight training results in a lower-back pull. But you can still work your arms and core at Prevail, the new jewel box-sixed gym that’s dedicated to coed boxing. You start with the high-intensity Sweat circuit training class, then graduate to the Box sessions, where you learn combos and speed-smack the heavy bag around.

Knees Killing You?

If you just love the heart-pounding thrill of a good run, but your knees are saying no thanks, go rowing. In an exercise studio. The Lit Method has you alternatively rowing on a sloshing waterwheel rowing machine and dropping to the floor for situps. After this, you’ll never equate low-impact with low-effort again.

Feeling A Hip Twinge?

All your joints will thank you if you take some time off from the usual beach jogging and yoga grinding and just jump for joy. For 55 minutes on a trampoline at Jumping Fitness in Redondo Beach, where what you lose in water weight (it’s a doozy of a workout), you’ll gain in increased coordination.

Always Have a Pain In The Neck?

Sure, you love the studly way you feel after crushing another CrossFit sesh. But those herky-jerky movements can leave neck muscles super-tight and uncomfortable. Drop in to a 20-minute stretch class at Stretchlab and a knowledgeable kinesthetic therapist will pull your limbs right back into position. Plus, it feels heavenly.

Feeling Emotionally Fragile?

We get it—sometimes the pounding bass and shouted cheers of your regular boot camp is just too harsh. For those days, try The Class by Taryn Toomey, an exercise class that supplements fast-paced isometric moves with self-help style affirmations. It sounds woo-woo, but the net result of calling out how strong you are plus tossing off a few dozen jumping jacks is that you feel more confident.